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Are all those changes on Facebook driving you nuts? Some people absolutely hate the changes! A couple of my friends have threatened to leave Facebook, but so far I don’t know of anyone that has. The changes don’t bother me too much when I am checking for updates.

But I do hate the News Feed Ticker! That’s the steady stream of announcements on the right side of your Facebook screen that tells you what Spotify tunes your friends are listening to, who your friends are now friends with, the comments your friends made on other people’s walls, etc. I DO NOT CARE! So why do I have this stream moving down the right side of my page? Most important, how do I get rid of it?

I’m not a Facebook expert, but I am adept at locating experts who can help me—and you—understand how to fix Facebook the way we want to view it. And they’ll help us live with the changes. Not only that, but they can help us use Facebook as a business tool so we can share news with our customers and build better relationships with them. That, my friends, is my greatest concern with Facebook. I want to offer the followers of the Get Famous Fast fan page ( a great resource of online marketing information. And I don’t want Facebook messing with the content.

Since we also create fan pages for clients, I need to know how the Facebook changes will affect them.

Trust the Experts

Yesterday I attended a fantastic webinar called Facebook Changes:  A Complete Guide by Mari Smith. If you don’t know Mari, she’s a Facebook expert that makes it all seem so easy. I like that. And you will too. You can watch the webinar at

Another great resource is the ten-page report, Five Facebook Changes and What You Need to Know on Social Media Examinar.  This report gives you step-by-step instructions on how to change things like how much stuff you’ll see on that bothersome News Feed Ticker.

It doesn’t describe how to get rid of the equally annoying Game Feed Ticker, or whatever it’s called, that lets you know that who is playing what games. I think it’s a bit embarrassing for certain to show up as game players. I try to hide it when I play games. Most people are in bed when I play and won’t notice. But, don’t you just want to say to that super busy exec, “What? You can’t meet with me because you are playing Gardens of Time in the middle of the day?”

While we’re on the subject of Facebook, I suggest you become a fan of two Facebook Fan pages. Mari Smith’s fan page is at and you can find Social Media Examiner at . While you’re at it, you should also become a fan of our page



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