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Welcome to Get Famous Fast

Are you a bit confused about how to integrate digital marketing with your traditional marketing programs? Are you dabbling with social media and online advertising, but aren’t sure if you should move all your resources to the Internet and abandon a “tried and true” method and all of those relationships that took many years to […]

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Keep Email from Ruining Your Publicity Campaign

So, you write a press release, get it approved, and at the push of a button you can send it to 500 journalists. Most will get it in a matter of minutes. But, is that a good thing? E-mailing your press release to all the media on your list might seem to be a good […]

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Not a Start-Up? You Better Be Marketing Like One

Do you limit yourself to looking in the mirror when evaluating the quantity and quality of your press coverage or social media analytics? Why not look at your competitors, too. Are they getting significantly more mentions than your company? Is their press more positive than yours? Are their customers more engaged? Are there journalists or […]

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Blogging Tips for Small Business Marketers

  Small business marketers often face a double-edged sword when it comes to social media marketing. They want to engage customers and generate sales leads, but they don’t have a lot of time to learn how to use the many social media offerings and the best ways to capitalize on them. Erik Wolf, founder of […]

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How Steve Jobs and Apple Got Famous Fast

  Back when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were building one of the first personal computers, I was learning the advertising business. That was in the mid-1970’s. One of the most important lessons I learned were the three stages of the sales cycle:  awareness, acceptance and preference—in that order. First, your customers have to be […]

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes on Facebook

  Are all those changes on Facebook driving you nuts? Some people absolutely hate the changes! A couple of my friends have threatened to leave Facebook, but so far I don’t know of anyone that has. The changes don’t bother me too much when I am checking for updates. But I do hate the News […]

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Get Your Arms Around Social Media Marketing

We’re all trying to get our arms around the various social media outlets, learn which marketing tools work best, measure return on investment (ROI), and determine how these tools work with our other marketing programs. You and I are so interested in social media because it allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers. I […]

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Online Advertising Pushing TV Out

Internet marketing consumes so much of my attention these days that I was shocked when a small business client asked me how much it costs to run a full page ad in a local magazine. Oh right, there are other advertising choices. In fact, TV advertising is still king! And it will continue to rein […]

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Making Your Social Media Matter

Panelists: Steve Chalk, social media manager for IBM; Adam Rice, Looxii co-founder; Natalie Johnson, digital and social media manager, The Coca-Cola Company; and Shana Keith, PR director at Cbeyond. “Would your customers notice or care if you unplugged your social media properties today?” That’s the key question Dan Greenfield of Listen Interactive put to a […]

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My Bank Is On Twitter?!

I have been a SunTrust Bank customer for most of my adult life. It’s one of the largest banks in the country with 1,665 retail branches and 2,924 ATMs scattered across the Southeast. Oh, and about $170 billion in assets. I am not always happy with my bank. But I keep my complaints to a […]

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What Is All the Fuss About Twitter?

It’s okay, don’t sweat it, you are among friends. Trust me. You are not the first one to ask the question. You’ve been hearing about Twitter for months on end and you still can’t figure out what all the fuss is about.  I believe Twitter to be a valuable tool that you will want to […]

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